Monday, February 11, 2013


I've been meaning to update this blog three times already but it didn't happen, so you get a special 3-in-1 blog post! My birthday was January 17 and I turned 25!! And then I went to Jinju last weekend, around February 1st! And this weekend I went into Seoul and took pictures in a traditional Korean dress, called a hanbok. 


 Twenty-five candles!!

 Hmmm, I wonder what a single girl would wish for...

 (Coworkers/friends who stopped by)

 My host!! Thanks Annie and Thomas!!

JINJU (3 hours south of Seoul)

 Bokkombap (aka rice, eggs, cheese, spices, etc.) 

 My friend Ye Yung, who I met because our t.v.s broke on the airplane from Seoul to Texas. Yay for defective technology and poor customer service^^ 
Jinju University (not sure about the name)

Jinju Castle

. People I met at Yeyung's church - so friendly


I just wanna be a rock star...NOT!

Thanks for looking!! Happy Lunar New Year!