Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tour of Europe 2013


The pictures are on Bekah´s phone and on my dinosaur camera that uses REAL FILM AAAAHHHH! It was funny to see peoples reactions to the film camera. Suddenly they got real serious and tried to concentrate on taking a good picture. All that to say, more pics to come.

Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is a website that connects people around the world with a free place to stay for a night or two in whatever city they need. This couple, Martin and Zuzana, let us stay one night with them in Prague. It was great because they had some traditional Czech food waiting for us when we arrived (think hashbrowns but bigger and better) and took us for a night walking tour along the river and to the highest point in the city. It was just one night, but Ill never forget it.

Another guy named Alex let Bekah and I stay with him in Bonn, and we had a blast with him because he is a salsa dance instructor and we had to meet him at the dance hall. Salsa is harder than it looks! 

With couchsurfing, its like a pay it forward type of thing, so since I stayed with these people for free, I should offer my place for others to stay. So eventually I'll offer my place for people to stay if they want. And of course I can read their profiles and choose who I will allow to stay with me and who to say no to.

Bekah and I changed our plans last minute and ended up going from Bonn, Germany to Munich, Germany, to Prague, Czech Republic, to Budapest, Hungary, to Bratislava, Slovack Republic. From there Bekah went to the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, and I took a carpool to Halle, Germany (on the east side).

Instead of keeping a journal, I kept a small notebook and wrote poems or thoughts down as needed. Ill share one here.

Jack and Beanie from England
I thought you were speaking German to each other last night
Nein Mann, ich will noch nicht gehen
Stephens joke
No you werent
It was English
But I still dreamed in German

One morning I woke up in the hostel and asked these two guys if they were German. No, it turned out that their English accent was so strong I thought it was another language. :)