Friday, December 21, 2012

Xmas 2012!

Merry Christmas everybody! We had a good time today at school having our christmas party and watching the snow fall. My camera died on me so I couldn't get as many pictures as I wanted but I got a few before it killed over. I'm the 9th grade homeroom teacher, so I had those kids in my class for most of the day, and my kids brought lots of snacks so I had other kids in and out. It was fun^^

There was another decorating contest this year, but sadly I didn't win. Whether I'm allowed to or not I don't know, but I gave my kids bonus points on their tests for bringing snacks and we had a PARRRRRTAAY!

Tomorrow I leave for Texas! Woot! Woot! The plan is to get ready in the morning and roll my suitcase down to the nail shop, where the nice Korean lady will try to hurry (bali bali) and finish my nails quickly. From there I'll catch a bus up the hill to the university, where I'll wait for the Airport Limousine to pick me up and take me to the airport in Incheon 1 1/2 hours away. Hopefully the snow will melt by then and it won't take too long.

By the way, I found out today that Asiana Airlines allows you to book your seat AS SOON AS you book the flight BUT NOT 72 hours before the flight. But US Airways does NOT let you book your seat until 24 hours BEFORE the flight. Isn't that ridiculous? So I waited until 24 hours up until the flight to book my seat and then found out I can't because Asiana Airlines has the opposite rule of US Airways. Everything in Asia is backwards from the American way! I'm not bitter, I promise.