Sunday, September 1, 2013


It's been a whirlwind for the past few weeks of my life. First I'd like to explain what happened with South Korea. In March I decided not to renew my school contract with BHCS and at that time I started looking for a job in Germany. My goal was to find a job in Europe. But nothing was working out, so the last week I was in Korea I got offered a job at a school in Jinju teaching English. I signed the contract a day before I left South Korea. So I left all my stuff there and just took one suitcase to Europe.

In Europe I took the tour with Bekah for 2 weeks and then spent some time in Bonn with Milena. While I was in Bonn, and only 4 days before my flight was supposed to leave Germany, my boss in Korea let me know I couldn't have the job because my visa documents weren't fully prepared. I found a different place to stay in Bonn and started looking for a job in Europe again. 3 days later I was offered a job as English teacher for the International Christian School of Vienna.

Because of my visa status, I had to leave the Schengen area of Europe and go to Croatia, where I got my passport stamped, stayed for 3 days, and got it stamped on the way out. I went straight from Split, Croatia, to Vienna, Austria, where I had 2 days to prepare for classes and then school started that Thursday, August 22. Last week was the first full week of school and it went well although I am exhausted.

The school in Vienna is an international Christian school and I am employed as a missionary, meaning I have no salary. From now on, I will also use this blog as a place to update what's going on in school and the ministry opportunities I am able to have with the kids for the benefit of people who decide to support me.

In lieu of my status as a missionary this year, I will also be talking more about God's influence in my life and the lives of kids at school. Even though it's a Christian school, kids from all religious backgrounds are accepted so that more will hopefully decide to believe in Jesus Christ. Personally, the last few weeks of my life have been humbling. I felt like the rug was pulled out from under my feet; I had the feeling of being on a rollercoaster and going down the first big drop, like my stomach was in my throat and I wanted to stay in control of everything but I couldn't. Because that feeling lasted for so long, eventually I stopped freaking out and relaxed, realizing that God is in complete control and I can do nothing on my own. At this moment, I am very excited to be in Austria and get the chance to do what I love and learn German as well. But the process itself was scary.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.
                                                                              -Proverbs 16:9

It's been a bit crazy with the living situation. And all my work clothes are in Korea so I've had to borrow things from other girls. (It's all in the mail on its way to Vienna.) AND I lost my makeup bag last week, so I also had to borrow people's extra makeup. I lived for a week and a half with the elementary principal because she has an extra room, and for the month of September I am staying in an apartment the school has been renting. I'm looking for a roommate to stay with me because I'm so tired of moving, but if I can't find one then I'll have to find a different place. Last night was my first night in the apartment and it was great to have my own space finally. I realized I forgot to buy forks, so I ate my eggs with some makeshift chopsticks. But it's definitely not the worst problem I could have had. All the furniture was left over from the last tenants so I don't have to worry about that.

Today I was able to have lunch with some ladies from school, and they made REAL hamburgers. The hostess, Ursula, is also the one who took me to get my first document for my visa. 

Me and Ursula (and I'm wearing clothes that are not mine)