Monday, April 30, 2012

Bukchon Village in Seoul

Last Friday our school took a 3-hour walking tour of northern Seoul. It's one of the most affluent districts in the city, where apparently the current president of South Korea Lee, Myang Bak (I spelled it wrong) used to live. The houses are all traditional and there are several houses converted into museums. It was like looking at antique houses times 300 years or so at least.

My group of kids was great. We had a photo contest, so our strategy to win was simply to not smile in our photos. (I hope we win the contest, but if we do it'll be my 3rd contest to win and I doubt anybody wants me to win again.) But at one point we got to meet the owner of one of the houses (super cool) so we couldn't help but smile. Some of them weren't sure what to do though so they just stood there. ^^

In the pic of the owner of the house there's a little lady standing there. Her name is Kay and she was our tour guide. We definitely got the best tour guide of the group hands down. She was so cute. She explained everything with energy as if it was the first time telling it, and she was really patient with us. Enjoy.