Friday, June 28, 2013

Arrived in Frankfurt

We made it! The flight I took was from South Korea to Shanghai, China. That flight was only an hour and a half. It went well, but I had to stay in the airport for almost 9 hours because the flights were overbooked and therefore delayed. The flight left out of Shanghai at 1 am, so I was completely exhausted and able to fall asleep quickly. (Thanks mom for buying me the Total Pillow!)

The guy next to me on the plane was Chinese and on his first flight out of the country. He was studying for a PhD in health working on heart attacks in Göttingen. In my ignorance about China I asked him if the government forced him to study that and go for a PhD. He said it was all his choice.

I must say I am pretty good at preparing for flights now. I always take the total pillow, some facewash, a toothbrush and toothpaste, concealer, mascara, and blush. I look like an oily zombie with bad breath afterwards without this stuff.

My flight was 2 hours delayed into Frankfurt, so I was worried about finding Bekah. But her flight was also 2 hours delayed, so I was able to meet her at her gate when she arrived. We missed our train to Bonn because of the delay, and I had to buy a new train ticket for the 2 of us. But we found the platform and made it to the train on time after a 10 minute dash across the station.

The ride to Bonn was gorgeous. I think we were alongside the Rhine River. We saw castles across the water   to our right and cute houses and fields to our left. Thankfully the guy across from us was also going to Bonn, so we got off the train when he did.

Germany is great in that everyone speaks English. And I mean almost everyone! There is no need for a dictionary! I realize this after my long stint in South Korea. Koreans try to be helpful, but I'd say only about 50% know what I am saying. In Germany it seems at least 80 or 90% know what I'm saying.

We are staying in Bonn where Milena lives. We'll be here a couple more days and then head to Munich. Her grandpa is having a birthday party this weekend that Bekah and I will attend. I am looking forward to this the most. I will be sure to take more pictures for the next post!