Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Curtains Up!

We did a couple puppet shows last Friday as an alternative project to writing a 2-page book report, which the students hate and there's usually trouble with plagiarism. One of the other teachers helped me get all the supplies I needed to make the stage (old science project poster boards and a scarf and some scotch tape).
The kids performed 2 books: 9th Grade - Great Expectations and 8th Grade - Old Yeller
I still don't have pics from Old Yeller but the kids were really creative making their puppets for that show. Last minute I invited the whole school to come watch because there so much interest in the shows. They weren't Broadway-worthy performances, but they weren't bad either. I thought it was a good start for some of them, and next year I plan to do more things like this.
Below is an excerpt from one of the scripts for Old Yeller I just had to share. Enjoy. (Oh, and if you didn't know, Old Yeller is set in Texas.)
Old Yeller Script:

Mama: Haven't you guys caught anything?

(Searcy, Lisabeth, Jed meets together)

Searcy: We've to be careful of hydrophobia. That may make our cows crazy - or even to death.

(Lisbeth talks with Travis about their dogs)

Lisbeth: I really want that boy's heart. However, he is only interested in my dog (saying to herself).

Travis: Yeah, Lisbeth's dog is very pretty. It plays with Old Yeller very much. But...I don't like Lisbeth
that much. She always talks too much.

Lisbeth: Ah...Tra...Travis?

Travis: Why? Do you have anything to say?

Lisbeth: I like U! Can you be my boyfriend?

Travis: Hmmm.... I think just staying as a good friend would be better.

The scene closed and then the student said on his own, "So sad..." It was hilarious.
Great Expectations - Mrs. Joe and Pip

Great Expectations: Joe and Pip

Great Expectations: Miss Havisham, Estella, and Pip

Great Expectations: Estella and Pip

Estella, Herbert Pocket, and Pip

Pip and Mr. Jaggers

Pip and Estella

Estella (known for her exquisite beauty)

a pic from the multi-purpose room