Friday, March 30, 2012

Here Lately

We finally are in the 4th quarter at school! My 7th graders on the 1st day of the 4th quarter started saying, "Yay! It's the 4th quarter!! School's almost over!!" I thought about getting excited and yelling it with them, but then I thought maybe they shouldn't see I'm so excited too. ^^

Okay, quick lesson on smiley faces in Korea.
^^ = smiley face (see? It's just the eyes)
^-^ = smiley face with a cute nose
^_^ = This is the "not sure what to think but mostly happy" face
TT =  2 capital T's is 2 eyes crying
T-T = crying face with a mouth
>_< = angry face or "that doesn't sound good" face

I've embraced these smiley faces like I've embraced the peace signs everybody sports in pictures. I've also started involuntarily bowing to everybody when I meet someone new or walk into a store. I don't think I'll break the habit easily when I go to Texas.^^ Especially when I say thank you, I add a little bow to it to show my appreciation.

I miss Texas weather! Last week it snowed here. I've been dreaming about warm weather and I can't wait to come home for a visit. For those of you wondering I'll be heading back to Texas in late June and staying until mid or late August probably.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pics from Skiing

Here are some pics from the skiing excursion I went on last month. It was a really good deal (only $50) and only an hour's drive from my apartment. I only skied for a few hours, but by the end of that time I was exhausted. There are a few random pics thrown in for fun. Enjoy.
The sign in yellow says "E-Mart".

These are the pastor's kids Joseph and Daniel, and the guy in neon is Thomas and the girl in grey and purple is Annie. I work with them at BHCS.

Left to right: me, Joseph, Grace (pastor's wife), Daniel, Pastor Lee, Thomas, Annie

My birthday cake! (I ate an ear off before I remembered to take a picture.)

This pic didn't turn out that good, but the view was awesome.

People from my church

These are the 2 people who helped me the most when I arrived in Korea. On the left is Sarah. She's the one I made kimchi with and we go to the spa together once a month and she helped mom and Dianna have a great time when they both came in December. On the right is Harry. He helped me get my trip to Japan together in September.

This is Junho. He teaches me Korean every week.